Youth Ministry


Youth Ministry

Missión: The generation that lives radical lives to Christ, showing the Kingdom of God, incarnating the Gospel of Jesus, thus gaining others wherever we go.

Vision: Develop the generation of young people who will lead and maintain the revival and influence of ICP, living lives with Christ as the Center, personifying his word and showing the power of his Kingdom.

Purpose: To provide youth with a space where they can grow in the Lord, to reach their potential and called in the kingdom.

•Equipping young people to live lives that bring honor and glory to God, being entities of differentiation in their environment.
•Raise the next generation of influence transformational, which will build on the spiritual heritage of the present generation.
•Training young people loyal and committed to God and his Church, in love and obedience, guiding them to grow to the stature of Christ, with creativity and a testimony that astound your environment to ensure the extension of the kingdom of God